Logo of Voice Options.
Photo of close-up using an iPad.
A person using
a speech app on an iPad.

About the Voice Options Pilot Project

Voice Options is a pilot program of the California Public Utilities Commission administered by the California Foundation for Independent Living Centers.

Voice Options connects Californians with speech language disabilities to iPads with speech apps.

If you have a speech disability, visit one of our demonstration centers and try out speech apps.

How it Works:

  1. Step One: If you would like to try out speech apps on an iPad to see if one will work for you, contact a demonstration center to schedule a demo.
  2. Step Two: Experience a demonstration of speech apps on an iPad.
  3. Step Three: After the demonstration, if you think a speech app would work for you, borrow an iPad with the apps to use in your everyday life for two weeks to 30 days.
  4. Step Four: If you like one of the apps, apply to borrow an iPad with your favorite speech app for a long-term loan.