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Voice Options Pilot Program Privacy Policy

The California Foundation for Independent Living Centers (CFILC) and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) are committed to promoting and protecting the privacy rights of individuals, as enumerated in Article 1 of the California Constitution, the Information Practices Act of 1977, and other state and federal laws.


"Personal Information," as defined in the Information Practices Act, is information that identifies or describes an individual including, but not limited to, name, Social Security number, physical description, home address, home telephone number, education, financial matters and medical or employment history.

"Electronically collected personal information," per Government Code § 11015.5 also includes information describing an individual, including, but not limited to, password, electronic mail address, and information that reveals any network location or identity.

"Third Parties" means vendors, agents, contractors, or affiliates that provide service or on behalf of the CFILC or the CPUC.

Information Collected and How It Is Used

The Voice Options Pilot Program is voluntary. In exchange for your participation, we will require you to provide certain Personal Information. The law limits the collection of Personal Information to what is relevant and necessary to accomplish the lawful purpose of the CPUC's Voice Options Pilot Program, as approved in CPUC Decision 13-12-054. The goals of the Pilot are to determine the funding needs of Californians seeking tablets that function as Speech Generating Devices (SGDs).

Some examples of Personal Information that we may collect include:

If you are a minor, we need consent from a parent before we can collect any personally identifiable information. Parents may request information on the type of data being collected, view their child's information, and, if they choose, prohibit the State from making further use of their child's information. We will not provide Personal Information about a minor to third parties.

Sharing Data with Third Parties

The California Public Records Act ensures that government is open and that the public has a right to access appropriate records and information that state government possesses. At the same time, there are exceptions in both state and federal law to the public's right to access public records. These exceptions serve various needs including maintaining the privacy of individuals.

Government Code § 11015.5.(a)(6) prohibits us from distributing or selling any Personal Information or "electronically collected personal information" to any third party without your permission. Any distribution of personal information will be solely used for the purposes for which it was provided to us, or when necessary for us to comply with a valid warrant, subpoena or court order, as required by state or federal law.

The Voice Option Pilot Program utilizes third-party tablet applications. You may authorize companies or persons to receive your Personal Information. Before sharing information, it is important that you understand how other parties intend to use your information, if they will share it with others, and your rights as a customer. Third-party developers that collect user or usage data are required to have privacy policies, which can be accessed directly within the app or on the developer's website.

Information Security Safeguards

We take reasonable precautions to protect the Personal Information on individuals collected or maintained by CFILC, the CPUC, and its vendors against loss, unauthorized access, use, modification, or disclosure. Our staff is trained on procedures for the management and release of personal information, and access to personal information is limited to those staff whose work requires it.

The information is retained in accordance with Government Code § 11015.5.

This policy is effective January 1, 2017. Please note that our Privacy Policy reflects our current business practices and changes will be reflected on http://voiceoptions.org/privacy-policy/

CFILC will provide additional information on our privacy policy if requested. If you have further questions, comments, or complaints about the privacy policy or policy compliance, you may contact CFILC at:

Kevin Hansen, Voice Options Project Manager
California Foundation for Independent Living Centers
1000 G Street #100
Sacramento, CA 95814
916-325-1690 Voice / 916-325-1695 TTY